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Drawing you weapon when surrounded by the bad guy.

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    How do you safely draw your weapon safely when the bad guy is right next to you?


    Jacob Paulsen

    Sandra, this is a YouTube video we should probably work on for you. The answer isn't super simple but to be generic let me suggest the following…

    When you are within physical striking distance your first objective needs to be to fight off the attacker physically, or at very least know and have trained a few simple moves that are likely to give you some distance with the attacker so you can access your firearm.

    Second, any acceptable draw should take into consideration that you may have to fire shots during the draw before the firearm is fully extended… “from the hip.” Practice your draw in slow motion and see if the firearm comes up on target as soon as it clears the holster and if it stays on target as you come up into your grip and extended stance.

    Using a laser simulated training gun for these exercises can be very helpful as you can at any time check to see if the muzzle of the gun is on target without putting yourself in danger with a fully loaded gun.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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