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    The Last Date This Page Was Updated: 02/15/16

    May Issue VS Shall Issue: May Issue

    Issuing Authority: Attorney General's office

    Required Training: Applicants must take an approved gun course within 90 days of receiving the written notification of application denial or approval.

    How to Apply: Arrange with a newspaper of general circulation in your County to have your application published once, at least (10) days before the filing of your application with the Court. Obtain an affidavit from the newspaper company stating that this requirement has been met, and attach it to your application. PLEASE NOTE: Newspaper selection must have a circulation of at least 35% of the population in your zip code. Be sure to use your whole name – no initials – and your home address. 2. Arrange to be fingerprinted. Fingerprints must be taken within 45 days of filing application. Fingerprinting by Appointment Only. Appointments are ONLY Tuesday & Thursday noon to 6:30 p.m. For an appointment call: (302)739-2528 You will be given the address of the Delaware State Police Troop to report to at the time you are given an appointment. You may want to verify payment methods at the time you schedule your interview. 3. Have the reference questionnaires completed by five (5) citizens from the County in which you reside. 4. Complete the application and have it notarized. 5. Include two (2) 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 color passport-style photographs of the applicant, taken within the sixmonth period immediately preceding the filing of the application. 6. Include the statutory filing fee of $65.00. Cash, money order or personal check, made payable to PROTHONOTARY will be accepted. 7. New applications may be filed at any time. You must file the original set and a complete copy of all the documents. (DUPLICATE COPY) You may hand deliver your application to the Prothonotary=s Office, or, if all the requirements are met, mail to the Prothonotary Office in the County in which you reside.

    Non-Residents: Permit is available to residents only.

    Renewal: Permit needs to be renewed every 5 years. The renewal fee is $65

    Processing Time:

    Cost: $65

    Change of Address:

    Required to Notify Law Enforcement: No

    Places Off Limits When Carrying:

    Federal restrictions include all Federal Building, National monuments, National memorials, secure areas.

    State restrictions include:

    • State approved “SLOTS”
    • Casinos located in Delaware.
    • Courthouses, police stations, prisons and other detention facilities’
    • State/National Forest
    • Wildlife Management Areas
    • State Parks
    • School Buses
    • Lands or waters administered by the Division of Fish and Wildlife

    Private Property Prohibitions: No gun signs do NOT have the force of law

    State Website: Delaware

    Current Reciprocity Map:

    Delaware Permit Reciprocity Map


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