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December 2016 Challenge Drill – Bill Drill

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    Jacob Paulsen

    How Does This Work? You go to your local gun range and film yourself doing this drill and then you submit your video for a chance to win prizes. Check back often to see the leaderboard!

    First Here is the Drill:

    Here are the rules:

    1. You must be an active Guardian Nation member to be eligible
    2. You must submit a video that shows both your target, shot timer, and any other essential elements to the drill. (Shot timer can be phone app)
    3. Drill must be performed with live ammunition. No dry-fire or laser simulation.

    Here is how you submit your video:

    Record your video with your cell phone or any video camera. When you are done upload your video to your own Facebook profile or YouTube channel. Include the URL to that video in your submission form below. Need more help? Click here for more detailed instructions.

    Your Name (required)

    Your Email (required)

    Your Contact Number

    Drill Time

    Video URL

    This Month's Prizes:

    The top five submissions will be entered into a RANDOM drawing of 1 MantisX.

    Here is the Leaderboard:

    1Riley Bowman2.27


    *Please note the leaderboard is manually updated several times per week. Oh… and you should know that Riley isn't eligible for the prizes 🙂



    I would love to do this drill but no of my friends have a shot timer. But I really enjoyed watch Riley go at it. Good luck guys



    Hoping to get to my local range during this busy month to participate and have a chance at winning. The MantisX prize looks pretty cool. I'm new to doing any kind of drill like this, but, what have I got to lose? Question about using a shot timer–I recently downloaded an app from SureFire that had fair reviews. Haven't ever tried or used it before. Would using that app on my phone count as a reliable enough measurement for when I submit a video?


    Jacob Paulsen

    Josh, yes that will count! Any free shot timer app will do the trick. Probably best to make sure you are the only one at the range shooting when you do the drill to ensure that the app doesn't pick up shots from anyone else around you!



    Went to the local indoor range today, asked if there are rules against drawing from a holster. They told me it's not allowed. Bummer. I guess I'll see if there's another range nearby that will allow drawing from a holster.



    Hey guys, went to a range again today to try one more time to be able to take a video and have a time to submit for the comptetition. I noticed there aren't any times posted, so, I was hoping to at least have SOMETHING to upload. But, alas, going to an indoor range solo makes it hard to video, impossible to use a shot timer (on a Saturday with 20 other lanes all filled with people shooting), and this range said they prefer not drawing from a holster when it's busy. Figured I'd respect that the employee asked for not drawing from holsters. So, I went shooting 3 times this month but still couldn't participate. Ran the 6 shot drill over and over, just not from a holster and not accurately timed. Hopefully next month whatever the drill is won't require drawing from a holster, and maybe won't require a shot timer. I suspect that a few more entrants would've come forward if it weren't for those hurdles. Now I'll have to wait to win that MantisX next month! Happy New Year.


    Jacob Paulsen

    We may have to rethink the requirements. I suspect that in the summer it would be easier for a lot of our members to participate in these challenges.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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