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    Robert Paris

    As an IT guy in my day job, i have some issues with the UI/Ux of the Concealed Carry website and the forums. I use Chrome because it works better on MOST sites but doesn't seem to do well here.

    For instance, here in the forums the editing tools available where I am typing right now are all a light gray with no visible text or symbols. The only button that has a hint is the Close all open tags on the far right.

    In the Forums, after I type, I select the CAPTCHA and then SUBMIT only to receive a CAPTCHA error message. Hitting the back button, erases all that I typed. This means 2 or 3 tries to post a message.

    The Dashboard is not user friendly, displays limited information and does not display (commonly accepted to be displayed) information like Forum posts or orders.

    Overall, the site seems to be driving you to purchase Guardian Nation rather than be a resource for those of us that carry.


    Jacob Paulsen

    Robert, this is good feedback and we appreciate it. I use Chrome exclusively and so I'm seeing what you are saying about the editing tool. Some sort of CSS issue we need to resolve. I've never had (or heard any previous reports) about CAPTCHA issues. I will look into that as well.

    The Dashboard is not integrated well with the forum. We'll see if we can address that as well. Our site has a lot of different things going on and to be honest the forums are probably the least used part of our site so we spend the least amount of time working on it and get the least amount of feedback from those.

    As to resources for those who carry I hope you will check our site for all of the following which are free and do not require membership in Guardian Nation:
    1: This forum (though obviously we can improve)
    2: The reciprocity map builder
    3: The state law summaries and legal topic state summaries
    4: The self-defense insurance comparison chart
    5: The business directory which includes almost 90,000 gun ranges, stores, instructors, and gun free zones.
    6: The articles which we publish 7-15 a week.
    7: The Concealed Carry Podcast which publishes twice a week and is generally to the #1 gun related podcast in iTunes in it's category
    8: Our mobile app

    Again, thanks for the feedback!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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