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Concealed Carry-The Only Option For Personal Defense?

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    Is concealed carry the only option for personal defense? There are about as many opinions about this topic as there are jack rabbits in Texas! The word concealed means just that…concealed. The concealed carry person does not have to worry about being seen with a weapon on the outside and drawing undue attention. They will almost always run into someone who will confront them for carrying, or approached by someone who has nothing more to do than go into blah blah mode about guns and their limitless knowledge. Also they will not be subject to police or other authority called in to investigate why you are carrying a weapon in the first place.
    A concealed carry person is the only person who is aware they are carrying personal protection. They will never be asked to leave an establishment because they make the other customers “worry” about their safety. Also, in a situation where an armed confrontation is about to take place, they will not be targeted as the first one to take out by the offending actor. But even though many concealed carriers say they are concealed, that is often not the case. They can be spotted simply by looking at what they wear. Caps emblazoned with product brands, t-shirts proclaiming testerone laden verbiage that their guns will only be taken “from their cold, dead hands” and other such sayings. This is the hidden machismo that says, “I'm dangerous” and which is a totally useless mindset. Yet, you see it all around. Even their vehicles are covered with all sorts of pro gun stickers.
    I have open carried in the military, frontline and Military Police. I have open carried as a LEO, and as an operator. But in my civilian life, I only conceal carry, although I have both an open carry and a concealed carry permit. I firmly believe that concealed carry is the only true way for me to have the upper hand in most any confrontational situation.



    I to believe thar conceal is the best method. I do on occasion like to mess with anti gun heads and I will open carry, salute!

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