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    Jacob Paulsen

    After several years of supporting a mediocre app for iPhone and Android our company has invested big resources in rolling out something awesome. As of 3/16/18 the new app is in Beta mode. We are looking for beta testers who would be willing to provide feedback before we roll it out to the Apple App store. Currently the new version is only available for iPhone… Android coming shortly!

    Those of you who have already been selected for the beta test or those of you would like to be considered please comment or submit feedback below!


    Jacob Paulsen

    Beta testers please complete the following tasks:
    Login or Register as a New User
    Bookmark/Save a story
    Add your permit(s) in the “My Permits” page (under profile menu)
    Check the reciprocity map page to see if the map is correct.
    Turn off “Use My CCW info” and manually add permits to the reciprocity map using our state picker
    Add a Firearm to the “My Firearms” Page
    Add a Training Log
    Add a contact to the “My Contacts” Page
    Document any bugs or issues. Screenshots or screen recordings would be helpful!

    When you have done that please go to this link to answer some questions:

    You can also post your feedback below on this forum topic page. You can also upload attachments such as screenshots or screen recordings! Thank you in advance!



    My State was not listed for the training log.
    Also if it is an indoor range, how about an option for N/A for weather. As it plays no roll.

    Looking forward to this coming together.

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    Jacob and Dillon, I did a screen recording going over some details and things I noticed in the app:



    I noticed when reading an article there is no place to leave a comment or feedback. The user has to go back to the news feed page to locate the comments bubble. Not a huge problem but it would definitely be easier if the option was on the same page as the article. After all…it does say “Share your thoughts in the comments below” 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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