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    Hey, new to the site. Bought the brave response holster recently. Going through the website here and wondering how much 9mm costs with your guys' ammo Club subscription and what kinds you carry. I'm also curious as to other calibers .22lr, .223, .308 with the program. I've only been shooting for a tad less than two years. Have accumulated 4 9mm handguns at this point and gone through about 5,000 rounds. Thinking the ammo Club could be worth it but I'd like to know some details before subscribing. I've been buying 1,000rds at a time usually for around $250. A rifle is definitely next on the list so I'd love that info on other calibers too.



    Jacob Paulsen

    Karsten, if I can be blunt, we have had some issues trying to source ammunition at a cost that makes Ammo club worth it to most serious shooters. We don't promote the club much at this point and hope to find a better supplier in the future.

    That said you can view the selection here:

    Basically ammo club gives the buyer about 30% off of those prices. If you are a member of Ammo Club and Guardian Nation then you would compound the 30% and the 10% off discounts for a total of 40% off.



    Thanks for the info!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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