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Alabama Concealed Carry Permits

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    The Last Date This Page Was Updated: 07/05/16

    May Issue VS Shall Issue: Shall Issue

    Issuing Authority: County Sheriff's offices

    Required Training: If any training is required varies by county.

    How to Apply: Present government issued photo ID, the application fee and any other required documents (varies by county) to the county sheriff's office.

    Non-Residents: Alabama doesn't issue permits to non-residents.

    Renewal: Upon applying for the permit the applicant can choose a one year or five year permit. It must be renewed before it expires. If you will receive a renewal notice will vary by county. The renewal fee also varies by county.

    Processing Time: No more than 30 days.

    Cost: Varies by county but likely between $5 and $20 per year.

    Change of Address: Notify your county sheriff.

    Required to Notify Law Enforcement: Not required to volunteer any information about firearms or permits.

    Places Off Limits When Carrying:

    Federal restrictions include all Federal Building, National monuments, National memorials, secure areas.

    State restrictions include:

    • Participating, attending, etc; demonstrations at public places

    Private Property Prohibitions: Signs do not have the force of law but if you refuse to leave when asked then you have broken a law.

    State Website: Alabama

    Current Reciprocity Map:

    Alabama Concealed Carry Map

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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