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A true Story about NOT relying on Technology

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    I think it was episode 200 with a guest speaker that mentioned knowing your phone numbers, etc. versus having it just in your phone.

    Last week I was on a 3 day staff retreat up in the mountains of Colorado. One of the guys was having issues, as I later learned he has an enlarged prostate, and extreme discomfort. As he is a friend of mine, I offered to take him to the Pharmacy to get some medications which he forgot to bring with him.

    Well….of course Pharmacist isn't just going to give you medications so he needed to call his doctor. Here is where it gets intense for my friend. He left his cell phone back at the lodge we were staying at. He did not know his doctors name, the facility name or number and to my surprise, even his wife's number.

    Fortunately, I had my phone with me, we were able to call mutual friends that had his wife's number and we were able to move forward from there.

    For me, I know who my doctor is, the facility, not the number but can look that up or call information to get that, I know my wife's cell number.

    The lesson here is: Do YOU know the in case of emergency numbers in your head or do you depend 100% on technology????

    Be sure to make sure your children know at least your number and maybe a good friends.

    Matt Benore, EDC here in Colorado.

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