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    Jacob Paulsen

    Wanted to get feedback from everyone on the upcoming primaries. Who do you like, not like and what are their feelings about our 2nd amendment rights?



    Clinton & Sanders will screw us on our 2nd ammendment rights if either is elected as well as appoint a LIBERAL judge to the vacant supreme court seat. Trump is good but he did at one time speak out that he supported an assault weapons ban Kasich ( spelling correct??) Not sure but don't trust him. Rubio is unfortunatly out but also was part of the gang of 8 on illegals Cruz seems to stand for what we believe and I think he would stand strong protecting our rights!!:
    Any Demorat, Librard will be very very bad because of their belief the Constitution is a living document and will most definitly restrict our 2nd AMMD rights! Look at what ole Bill did!! The law he passed!” Restrictions upon restrictions and with the ammount of illegals coming into this country and murdering, robbing etc and being let off. It just happened again in the Midwest a young woman was murdered by an illegal who had a rap sheet and the local LEO officers called ICE ( who never came to pick the guy up) let him go and now no one can fin this illegal murderer!:then now we're Gona get all these refugees who are known to be infiltrated by ISIS!:!! WTF?? I like what Trumps ideas are but he doesn't have personality to be POTUS , Cruz is good at least he stands on upholding our constitution!! And we're going to need our 2nd am rights with ISIS and the uninterrupted influx of illegals thanks to the current limp DK admin who don't give 2 s!!!ts about true born Americans or our Constitutional rights!!:sanctuary cities!! Open borders etc Demorats! Libtards are bad ! If either Clinton or Sanders are elected it's going to be very very dangerous! For US citizens! Especially with the BP , ICE and HS not doing theirvjobs! Hell if you kill an illegal for trying to kill or rob you, your the one who would be in trouble and not the murdering illegal thug!!
    Our country is basicly screwed !! I do like CRUZ at least he stood for 22 hrs on principle

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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