Do Americans Love Guns?

As proof that Americans love guns, people cite the high number of individual gun ownership in our country. Because the government doesn't have a national gun registry (at least that's what they say), the actual number of guns owned by Americans is unknown. However, a 2018 survey estimated Americans own over 393 million guns. The population of the US at the time of the survey was around 330 million, which works out to slightly over one firearm per person.

women holding guns in the 1800s

American history is linked to individual gun ownership.

How Many Guns Are There in America—

For some comparison, here are the top 10 countries and the number of firearm per 100 people:

  1. United States – 120.5
  2. Falkland Islands – 62.1
  3. Yemen – 52.8
  4. New Caledonia – 42.5
  5. Serbia – 39.1 (tie)
  6. Montenegro – 39.1 (tie)
  7. Uruguay – 34.7 (tie)
  8. Canada – 34.7 (tie)
  9. Cyprus – 34
  10. Finland – 32.4

Considering that no country even comes close to the proliferation of firearms Americans possess, it's safe to say Americans love guns, right?

Not so fast.

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Do I Love Guns?

I'm not claiming to speak for all gun owners or all Americans by any means. And while I enjoy shooting firearms, train people how to use them and own a few of my own, I don't love guns. However, I love something about firearms.

What I love about firearms is that they are the best tool the individual has to turn back evil governments that would take away basic human rights given to us by our Creator. History shows us that the most brutal and oppressive regimes throughout time imposed their power by taking away the individual's right to self protection. These leaders never gave up their right to protection. Most all of them had a sort of paranoia of plots to end their lives.

america's first freedom book

Mercilessly killing millions of your own people and imposing brutal oppression of individual liberty puts a target on your back. So it's not surprising that these dictators displayed paranoia, didn't trust anyone and killed those who did not pledge allegiance to them.

American History and Gun Ownership—

And the individual possession of firearms is inseparable from our nation's history. Remove the firearm from American history, and you don't have the country we live in today.

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In a PEW Research study, the number one reason gun owners gave for owning a gun was for personal defense. Hunting and sport shooting followed as the second and third reason. Now sure, some of these people could also “love guns” but that wasn't their number one reason. It's fair to say that in the same way one might love classic cars, or antique furniture, guns can appeal to people because of history, craftsmanship, design, or as a collectable, with no consideration of actually using any of them.

Do Americans Really Love Guns?

So do Americans love guns, or do Americans love the freedoms and protection owning guns provides? I think gun owners fall on both ends of the spectrum on this question.

But what's the difference between loving guns and loving freedom? I think practically it matters when we engage with those opposed to firearms. Instead of arguing about firearms themselves, let's rephrase the argument and focus it on the freedoms that firearms allow us to live under.

That's my opinion on the topic. You may agree or disagree. Leave your take in the comment section.

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  1. Vince on July 12, 2022 at 10:56 am

    I love the freedoms my guns guarantee, do i love hunks of metal? no! I do admire craftmanship form and function. The variety and ingenuity of the molding and machining of steel and spring to hurl a chunk of lead real fast, is powerful. A modern day slingshot of sorts, that enables small men to take down giants. and i am well above the national average in quantity of weapons.

  2. Mike Schuttler on July 20, 2022 at 6:25 pm

    I agree with those who say “they love the freedom the gun gives them”. I hate carrying, but I do. I hate that I feel the need to carry to protect myself and those I love, but I do. I hate that I might have to take another life with my gun, but I will.

  3. Harold W. Finley on July 20, 2022 at 8:13 pm

    I also am a humble servant and Lover of Jesus Christ our Lord. I like shooting and sharing the shooting sports as well as hunting.

    I was trained in firearm safety by my dad and then reinforced in that training by uncles and aunts through the years. I went on to invest in multiple formal firearm classes right up to the present. I am currently scheduling another three day class for the fall of 2022.

    I did have the opportunity to exercise some of my formal training in an attack at my home by three armed men. I tried to defuse the situation by discussion but they continued the assault on my family at our home. My son and I responded to force with force and through God’s Grace and Mercy we survived unscathed. Two of the three intruders did not fare so well. The gangster’s were surprised by armed home owners with an AR 15 with a 30 round magazine and a 12 gauge shotgun with eight rounds of double 00 buckshot.

    I still carry concealed anywhere I legally can because protecting my family and others is in my DNA.

    Praise God for our Blessings!!!

  4. Steven on August 2, 2022 at 8:21 am

    Addictive is more to the point!

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