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Dear Gun Owner,

Getting training and ongoing education is the process we all go through to prepare for a potential real life threatening situation. I want to give you a tool to prepare you for dealing with the legal aftermath of that situation. No matter how much confidence you may have in your ability to act and do what has to be done, none of us can possibly predict how we will react emotionally and physically after the shooting is over. That is why I want to give you this Wallet Defense Card. After a firearm related incident just follow the advice on this card and hand it to the law enforcement office who arrives on the scene. It instructs the office to NOT ask you any questions without your attorney present AND requests that they contact your attorney right away. We have even included a place on the card for you to write in your attorney's name and phone number. Don't have an attorney? Don't worry we are going to provide you with a FREE downloadable eBook that will give you direction on how to find and retain the best attorney in your area. Thank you for choosing us for your firearm training needs. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with you both virtually and in our future in-person courses!

Talk Soon,

Jacob S. Paulsen




Aftermath of gun shooting

When law enforcement arrives on the scene they have two objectives. First is to ensure the safety of everyone present. Second is to gather facts and evidence. Its the second you should be worried about.

ANYTHING you say can be used against you in a court of law and I can promise you that words can be taken out of context and twisted by the prosecuting attorney.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Get your own attorney in your corner and keep your mouth shut. Sound easy? It isn't.

Research and experience have taught us time and time again that after a shooting we won't be able to control our words and we won't have the presence of mind to think back on our training. Why?

  • There will be adrenaline along with endorphin's and other chemicals pumping through your blood stream
  • There is NO POSSIBLE WAY to prepare emotionally for the feelings that will come after you have taken a life
  • Your muscles will be shaking, your jaw will be jittery, and when the adrenaline runs out you will crash

Even if you are smart enough to keep your mouth shut and ask for your attorney there is still the problem of finding and selecting an attorney ahead of time


That is why we are also going to give you for FREE a quick eBook that reviews the best practices for identifying and retaining the best attorney BEFORE you have to defend yourself. Selecting an attorney isn't as easy as it sounds.

gun trial

  • Attorneys are Specialized – Only a portion of the attorneys in the phone book practice criminal defense law to begin with
  • Pro Second Amendment – Not all those that do are sympathetic to your political views on guns
  • Versed in Firearm Law – Even if they are they may not have any real experience with firearm related law
  • Court Tested – It is critical you find an attorney that has court experience dealing with jury's



Included Bonus: “Selecting An Attorney for Firearm Related Self-Defense”

gun laws usa book

In this book our attorney has teamed up with our lead instructors to give you solid direction and advice including:

  • How to find the top criminal defense attorneys in your local area
  • What questions to ask the attorney to vet them before you carry concealed
  • How to do all this research at no cost
  • How to build that relationship without paying a retainer




Claim Your Firearm Defense Card for $1

Supplies are LIMITED so please grab yours now.

So Why are we doing this? We care about getting more people educated and prepared to defend our flock. We know that having this card is going to help keep you out of trouble with the law. So that's why…


I look forward to hearing your reaction when you receive your package in the mail. Please email me and let me know what you think at [email protected]