Cold Weather Carry Concerns

Winter Concealed Carry Concerns

I learned and reconfirmed several ideas about cold season carry. Enjoy the time of year. Do not let your awareness falter due to too much holiday celebration! Evil never takes holidays and may target you and yours. Stay prepared, as wolves don’t hibernate.

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A Happy and Safe Halloween 2015

Every October 31, children all over go door to door, trick-or-treating. It is very important to take safety precautions and prepare before allowing your children to go out. Before your children go trick or treating, please ensure the following things:

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How Saying “I’m Sorry” can Save Your Life – and His

It’s critical that you become proficient with your firearm of choice if you have decided to carry. The draw. The grip. Acquisition of the target. Accuracy in firing your weapon if it becomes absolutely necessary. But just as important – perhaps so – is the cluster of tactics that surround and permeate the act of drawing down…

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