Easy Home Defense Tactics Article Updated

search your home for bad guy

Over a year ago we published a list of 20 easy to implement home defense tactics that can collectively almost guarantee you don’t have home intruders.

We have now updated and refreshed that post with tactics and better images. We hope you will check it out.

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The Gun in the Glove Box

You know you need a place to lock up the gun in the car sometimes but is the g compartment or console the best place? Where should you lock up the gun in the truck or vehicle and why the g box.

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Making the RSO Your Best Friend

Some time ago I wrote an article about why we often don’t recommend training at a public gun range due to the concerns for one’s safety. Today I want to suggest that if you do train at a public gun range you should make the RSO your new best friend.

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Dry Practice: Further Thoughts

A number of organizations issue this to students or employees for their use in clearing or loading handguns. One item called the Academy Pad, has three holes to fit inside a standard loose leaf binder.

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Dry Practice – Dry Fire: Working on Fundamentals

It was a pretty proud moment for that young shooter! Later during a course I was taking, I flubbed a simple action, when home and worked it “dry” then went back and smed through the exercise perfectly. Some one asked how I’d improved, and I said, “Dry practice!” Yes, it does work!

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