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Brave Response Holster August 2017 Recall

Brave Response Shooting has issued a recall for right-handed holsters affected by a quality control issue.

What Is the Issue?

A select number of right-handed holsters were affected when a laser cutter in our manufacturer's facility had an issue in mid August. This problem caused the gun pocket in the holster to be cut and then sewn on in the wrong place on the holster backing. This essentially prevents the firearm from fitting into the pocket correctly and it can prevent magazines from fitting into the magazine pouches.

Who Is Affected?

We believe that all right-handed holsters shipped between August 18 – August 26th may have been affected.

What Are We Doing About It?

If you received a holster that is out of spec we will replace it free of charge to you. Follow the below instructions.

How Do I Know If My Holster Is Affected?

Watch the below video and look at the holster you recently received. Compare it based on the video illustration. If your holster is out of spec please follow the instructions below the video.

What Do I Do If My Holster Is Affected?

We will ship you a new holster along with a prepaid shipping label with which you can ship us back the recalled holster. No cost to you.

Please contact us by clicking here.