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  • Handgun Grip Development With Mike Hughes

    • Handgun Grip Development Course - $1.00

    Have you ever thought of how you grip your gun, how to build your natural point of aim, and increase your accuracy of follow up shots?  This is a very concise and focused course that drills down into details of the very core fundamental, on the grip on the pistol. Each video is between 1 - 2 minutes with highly focused learning points.  This is not a course telling you,that you have to do this or that. Instead this course is formed from observing thousands of shooters and hundreds of instructors and takes an objective-based approach to give this core fundamental attention.

  • Vehicle Firearm Tactics

    • Vehicle Firearm Tactics Online Course - $37.62

    A comprehensive video course about how to defend yourself and loved ones in and around vehicles. The course is broken into three modules: Defense from within the vehicle, Defense around the vehicle, and Shooting into the vehicle.

  • Street Fighting Matrix

    • Street Fighter Matrix - Online Video Self-Defense Fighting Course - $127.00

    Welcome to the most complete hand to hand self-defense program you will ever see online.

  • Insta-D-Fense

    • Insta-D-Fense: Online Self-Defense Video Course - $29.00

    The 9 Easy, Single Shot, One Second Self-Defense Moves That Will Stop Any Attacker From Assaulting, Robbing, Kidnapping or Threatening You Or Your Loved Ones. These simple fighting secrets require almost no strength, quickness or training… But will allow you to take any attacker out of commission! Even those who are bigger, stronger and more skilled!

  • American Gun Law

    • American Gun Law - $65.56

    The most comprehensive course and program for any American Gun Owner related to law. A single package that includes the knowledge, the workbooks, the tutorials, and the training you need to prepare for any firearm-related legal incident, deal with it correctly when it happens, and have a successful outcome in court.

  • Concealed Carry Fundamentals Course

    • Concealed Carry Fundamentals - $39.00

    This online CCW course teaches core safety, handling, and self defense knowledge to prepare one to properly carry a concealed firearm every day.

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