Speed Shooting Competition With LASR

LASR: https://www.concealedcarry.com/lp-lasr-lasrx-dry-fire-laser-training-software/ (coupon code ytlasr for discount)

Laser simulated speed shooting competition between Riley and Jacob. In the video you see the LASR software and we are shooting with SIRTs from NLT. The LASR software (Laser Simulated Shot Reporter) is an awesome shooting training software that can be run on any standard computer and utilizes a webcam to see and indicate laser shots on any target that can be seen by the camera. The software has a lot of different functionalities and options. What you see in this video is using the “race mode.” Link below to learn more along with coupon codes.

The guns used are laser simulated training weapons. These seen here are made by Next Level Training and are called SIRTs. They are weighted to spec and are about as close to a real firearm as any laser simulated gun can be. More info at the link below.

SIRT 110 Laser Training Pistol for Glock

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