ShopTalk: Dryfire Drills with LASR X

ShopTalk: Dryfire Drills with LASR X App. See below for all relevant links and info.

LASR is a software tool that will work with ANY laser training device or insert. The original LASR app works only on Windows machines and the new LASRX app works on any internet connected device including your phone. Through the end of this week use coupon code LASRTALK10 for 10% off either at this link:

Also use ULTIMATEFREE to get this video training course free.

Also seen in this video is the SIRT training pistol which we strongly recommend as it is the lowest cost and best way to get laser simulation with a resetting trigger. Learn more here:
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Also be sure to check out our new Door Ambush Training DVD. For less than $10 you can't go wrong: .

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