S9E15: Flipping the Kill Switch with Rodrigo Cortes

Concealed Carry Podcast brought to you by Guns dot com – Season 9 Episode 15 – “Flipping the Kill Switch with Rodrigo Cortes”

Today, Riley Bowman invites onto the podcast special guest, Rodrigo Cortes, a respected instructor from Guatemala to discuss the idea of living a peaceful life while also maintaining the sharpness–the capacity–for violence. Rod has made a name for himself posting with short analyses DGU videos on his Instagram page @udguate. He's kind of like the Guatemalan John Correia. Don't miss this interview as we also will get into what gun culture and ownership is like in Guatemala and other interesting topics of discussion!

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Follow Rod Cortes at Urban Defense Guatemala on the following channels and pages:

-Instagram: instagram.com/udguate
-Facebook: facebook.com/urbandefense
-Youtube: www.youtube.com/@urbandefensegt


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