S9E10: JUSTIFIED SAVES – Naked Dudes and Grizzly Bears

Concealed Carry Podcast brought to you by KSG Armory Holsters – Season 9 Episode 10: JUSTIFIED SAVES – Naked Dudes and Grizzly Bears

Today, Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster share the latest JUSTIFIED SAVES (Defensive Gun Uses) including the successes and the failures. Today we have plenty to discuss as we break down multiple events including carjackings, attempted robberies, home invasions, and more. Today's episode is especially unusual just in the fact that in the last month, we came across at least three instances of people using firearms to defend themselves against grizzly bear attacks. But we also talk about the 13-year-old boy that grabbed his mother's gun out of her hands to shooting an actively breaking-in intruder when his mother seemed unable or unwilling to do so herself! Please tune in, listen, learn, and SHARE today's episode!

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