Off-Duty Officer Gets Gun Stolen FAST #firearmtraining

There's a lot going on here. Let's dive in.

First, when the victim enters the gas station store, she is on her phone. I've seen many comments stating that the assault and gun disarm were partially her fault, “she shouldn't have been talking on her phone.”

If we are honest, don't we all use the phone from time to time in public? 

That doesn't mean the point isn't valid. We must be aware of our surroundings, especially when armed. We should address what she could have done better, but we can't blame the woman for the actions of a criminal.

We should put a lot of thought and consideration into how we carry our guns. Some positions are better than others, but people often just opt for what feels the most comfortable, often leading to small back (SOB) carry. I highly recommend using a holster designed specifically for appendix carry, as I find it has the least downsides.

I am a proponent of the right to open carry but believe that people should avoid doing it for most situations. Some have suggested the gun is visible because she is open carrying. I can't entirely agree.

I think the gun is visible because of the way she is carrying it, and she doesn't realize it's showing. I've seen this happen to many concealed carriers, and it's just one of many reasons I dislike small of the back (SOB) carry.

Even if the gun isn't obvious, like it is here, the nature of where it is means the criminal has it before you can even respond. Gun Disarms can happen far quicker than we want to believe. Again, consider the appendix carry for this reason.

You can read the whole breakdown here:

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