Managing Precision: Wayne Dobbs’ Interactive Trigger Management | Guardian Conference 2023

We went deep into the art of precision shooting with Wayne Dobbs at the Guardian Conference 2023. “Interactive Trigger Management,” a hands-on course, focuses on mastering trigger control and establishing a firm grip to achieve unparalleled accuracy. Wayne, utilizing LAPD/Larry Mudgett drills, guides students through practical exercises enhancing grip management, sight alignment, and trigger discipline. This course is not just about shooting; it's about fine-tuning your skills to ensure every shot counts, especially in real-world situations where accuracy is non-negotiable. Whether it's hitting the exact spot on a target or managing the trigger for a quick, accurate shot, Wayne's expert guidance sheds light on the hard work and precision required for real-life encounters. Join us in this detailed session and take a significant step towards becoming an accurate shooter, ready for any challenge.

Join us in September at the Oklahoma City Gun Club just outside OKC for this year's Guardian Conference! Learn More and Sign Up Here:

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