Lack of Skill Leads to Tragedy #gunskills

Lack of skill sometimes leads to tragic outcomes. Many gun owners overestimate their abilities and are not aware of the actual skill level needed in dangerous situations.

You goal should be developing shooting skills to a subconscious level, allowing for better decision-making and tactical problem-solving in critical situations. This is why Riley Bowman created his Pistol IQ standards, a set of drills—or performance standards—designed to help gun owners assess and improve their skills in a well-rounded fashion.

We are challenging viewers to critically evaluate their own shooting abilities and to understand the importance of focused, skill-specific training. Today we released this full video, and throughout this week we are releasing some follow up videos including a video from Jacob discussing his experience with the Pistol IQ course as well as an exciting new opportunity to be able to experience this for yourself as well.

You can follow the link to watch today's full video and sign up to have future videos sent to your email:


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