Handgun Draws 101: Elevator, Escalator, Bowl, and Scoop Techniques

Join Tyler Tharp of Synergy Training Group on the ConcealedCarry.com channel as he delves into the art of drawing a handgun from an appendix holster. In this insightful video, Tyler covers various draw techniques, including the Elevator (or L) Draw, Escalator Draw, and Bowl Draw, providing a comprehensive understanding of each method's mechanics and applications.

Discover the nuances of these techniques and how they can enhance your speed and efficiency in defensive scenarios. Tyler also discusses the Scoop Draw, primarily used in competition settings, and explains its unique approach. Whether you're a concealed carry enthusiast or a competitive shooter, this video offers valuable insights into improving your draw speed and precision.

Tyler emphasizes the importance of finding a draw style that complements your shooting habits and body mechanics, encouraging viewers to explore each method to find what works best for them. If you're looking to break through a training plateau or seeking personalized guidance, Tyler also mentions resources available through the ConcealedCarry.com network and Coaches Collective.

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