Exploring the Future of Firearm Training with Ace VR Shooting Program | SHOT Show 2024 Experience

Join Riley Bowman at SHOT Show 2024 as he gets immersed into the innovative world of virtual reality firearm training with the Ace VR Shooting program. Co-founder Aaron introduces us to a cutting-edge system that combines the Oculus Quest 2 and 3 with a specially designed Ace Arctus Handset, featuring a two-stage trigger, 3 ½ lb break, tactile and audible reset, and holster compatibility. This VR system offers a wide range of shooting drills, multiplayer capabilities, competition shooting stages, zombie modes, and much more, making training not only highly effective but also extremely fun.

Riley gets hands-on with the Ace VR system, testing out various shooting scenarios and experiencing the system's realism and potential for virtual coaching. With the ability to stream a shooter's view directly to a monitor, instructors can offer real-time feedback and guidance, revolutionizing the way firearm training and coaching are conducted.

Whether you're an instructor looking for new teaching tools or a shooter eager to enhance your skills in an engaging and innovative way, the Ace VR Shooting program opens up new possibilities for firearm enthusiasts of all levels. Visit https://www.acexr.com/ to learn more about how you can step into the future of firearm training with Ace VR.

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