Ep 62: Unfashionably Fired with Zoe Sozo

Episode 62: Unfashionably Fired with Zoe Sozo

Does sharing your political beliefs on Facebook mean you should be fired from your job? This week Amy and Emily welcome to the show fashion model, Turning Point ambassador, and reporter for the Right Side Broadcasting Network, Zoe Sozo. Zoe shares her story of the challenges she faces with being a conservative in the fashion industry. As a model she was fired from her agency after expressing her political beliefs on her Facebook page. The girls talk about standing up for your beliefs even when it's not popular and staying true to yourself. Zoe shares her advice for young women interested in the fashion industry and that you never have to face a challenge all alone. Lastly, Zoe provides an update on her journey to concealed carry and the importance of being prepared.

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