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The founding father of the Glock pistol, Gaston Glock

The 4 Best Glock Handguns For Concealed Carry

Choosing a handgun for concealed carry can be difficult. However, if you have narrowed it down to Glock but are not quite sure which mo to select, I have some help. I’ve listed 4 Glock mos as the perfect choices for a concealed carry everyday carry (EDC) gun. Why Glock? If you have honed in […]

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guardian conference

Different Instructors-Different Fundamentals? Which 1 is Right?

When you take instruction from different firearms trainers, you’re likely to hear different philosophies on how to do something. So how do you know what to do when both instructors are well respected? Different Instructors, Different Fundamentals: I had the opportunity to speak with many attendees of our 3-day firearm training event called the 2021 […]

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Can You Shoot a Peeping Tom – The “Fear Factor”

A woman in Texas shot a man claiming she was in fear of her life. The incident started shortly before 11 PM on Friday, September 10th. According to reports, while she was in her bedroom, the homeowner loed out her window. When she did, she saw an unknown male outside her home. She said the […]

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chipman nominee atf out

Victory: Chipman Will Not Head the ATF – Biden Throws in the Towel

Several news agencies have reported that President Biden will withdraw his nominee to head the ATF, David Chipman. His defeat is a victory for gun owners and anyone who isn’t a fan of unelected demagogues controlling a powerful agency like the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. David Chipman Out: Chipman’s current role as a […]

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