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Hornady Draws Ire for V*X Mandate Letter Sent to Employees

The contents of a letter sent on October 11th, 2021, were made public and has landed the ammunition manufacturer Hornady in hot water. You may or may not agree with it, but this is my personal opinion on the situation. Joe Biden Workplace V*x Mandate: Hornady Manufacturing Company is based in Nebraska-based and is well-known […]

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concealed carry seatbelt hacks

2 Concealed Carry Seat Belt Hacks

Context matters and the vehicle is one place where the environment does change some of the best practices and tactics deployed by concealed carriers for daily comfort and preparedness and how one might respond to an actual threat while in the car. One of these considerations is what to do with your seat belt. In […]

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enoch deadly force shooting

Deadly Force Dilemma, Shoot-to-Incapacitate, a Horrible, Misguided Concept

It is painfully apparent that what most people think about armed or unarmed self-defense is based on fantasy. This disconnect is most evident whenever the media and public nincompoops give their “professional” opinion on any given officer-involved shooting (OIS). Without fail, someone races to show the world that they don’t understand violent encounters and says […]

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maglula uplula

Maglula Uplula – Coolest Product, Weirdest Name

One of the weirdest product names I’ve come across is the UpLULA from Maglula Ltd. Of course, no one should criticize you for not knowing what the UpLULA actually is or does. But the product is so good it should probably be in every gun owner’s range bag. I’ve used one for years and finally […]

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