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NY Gun Law Loses in Court-AGAIN

Yesterday, United States District Court Judge Sinatra granted a temporary injunction against yet another part of New York’s abominable Concealed Carry Improvement Act (CCIA). You may not be keeping score, but this is the third such injunction granted in just a little over a month. NYSRPA v Bruen Overview— As a very brief overview, on […]

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saratoga springs shooting screen grab

Officers Shoot Off-Duty Deputy In 3AM Gunfight-Saratoga Springs

What happened during a 3 AM incident in Saratoga Springs, New York provides everyone who carries a firearm in public for self defense, with a couple points to consider. And while the off-duty deputy who sustained multiple gunshot wounds is in stable condition, I bet he would do everything differently if he had to do […]

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How Old Do You Have to be to Buy or Possess a Firearm?

Have you ever wondered what the minimum age is to buy a gun? Or how old you have to be to possess one? Well, the answer is not as clear cut as one might think. To answer the question, we need to remember that there are federal and state laws governing purchase and possession of […]

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Oregonians Vote on Gun Control Initiative, Here’s What Happened

Oregonians voted on a ballot initiative in Oregon that would give power to the State Government, and make it difficult for the common man to defend himself. Measure 114 promised safety and security for some ‘common sense’ gun control laws. Those voting for peaceful slavery narrowly out numbered those who voted for dangerous […]

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