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Comparing The 3 Dry Fire Gun Options

I’m going to assume you’ve read one of the many pieces of content we have on our website explaining the importance of dry fire practice. If not, you cant check those posts out later. Right now, you probably wondering,“What Dry Fire Training Gun Should I Buy?” What Dry Fire Training Gun Should I Buy? As […]

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S6E15 Refining Index

S6E15: Refining Your Index

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster discuss the concept of index, what it is, and what we can do to work on it and improve it. This was recently featured on the latest Shooter Ready Challenge. Check it out at and tune into today’s episode!

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ccw public bathroom

Using a Bathroom With a Concealed Carry Handgun

For most of us the firearm sits concealed on our torso, near the waist. This creates a number of challenges when one walks into a bathroom stall and drops the pants. In this article we will explore the ins and outs of how to deal with this situation safely and tactically.

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guardian conference training

Knowledge, Skills and Gear—What is Most Important?

From a self defense, everyday carry (EDC) point of view, knowledge, skills and gear are important components to preparedness. What should be your priority, given we have limited time and money? It may become clear how to balance the priority when we define what we mean by knowledge, skills and gear in the self defense […]

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Not everything for women has to be pink.

Opposing Armed Teachers Shows it’s Not About Safety

No matter what you think about civilian ownership of firearms, any time an evil person goes into a school and kills innocent kids, your heart breaks. But some, not all, see the tragedy as a moment to push a political ideology that leaves people unable to protect themselves, while emboldening evildoers. And all this happens […]

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