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Why does Ammunition Cost so Much?

so many other products, ammunition prices are higher than they were pre-COVID. What people wonder is if the cost of ammo will ever come back down. I know I can’t definitively answer that question. However, we may get closer to the answer by first loing at the factors affecting ammunition production costs. Then, with […]

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S6E8 good enough

S6E8 – How Good is Good Enough?

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster their response in this episode to the feedback received on a recent article Matthew published called “Quantifying Your Defensive Shooting Skills, And Setting Standards.” How do we know how good is good enough? What are the standards we should be training to? Are some of the industry standards too […]

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S6E7 How accurate

S6E7 – REVISITED: Are Marksmanship Skills Overrated?

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster decide to got back 6 years and revisit Episode #8 of the podcast where we discussed the relevance and efficacy of marksmanship skills in a defensive context. There are some statements and assertions that were made in that episode that we feel like we either need to correct or clarify […]

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shirt and tie gun

Guide for Concealed Carry in a Shirt and Tie

If you work in the business world under the obligation or expectation that every day you will come to work wearing a nice shirt and tie then this article is for you. I have had past students tell me that they can’t carry a concealed weapon every day because they have to wear a tuck-in […]

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