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What is Your Everyday Carry (EDC) Gun, and Why?

I’ll start by saying, I don’t actually care what gun you carry. I have no vested interest in Glock, SIG Sauer or Smith and Wesson selling guns. The point of this post is to get new and existing concealed carriers to think of why they carry the gun they carry, and in doing so […]

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Beloved German SIG Sauer P226 XFIVE – Now Made in USA

It’s safe to say a guy like Max Michel could shoot any gun better than most of us. However, there is one gun he prefers to shoot competitively, and that is the SIG Sauer P226 XFIVE made in Germany. Now owning one of these finely tuned, single-action, semi-auto beauties may be a bit affordable. […]

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mountain man medical applying a TQ

Treating a Minor Injury on the Range is Important

Last month, our company held the second annual Guardian Conference. A 3-day training event that provides plenty of live-fire range time. With hundreds of people on the range over two years, the odds are great that we would see at least some minor injuries, and we have. Treating injuries and medical conditions, no matter how […]

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Hollow points gun

My Top 3 Self Defense 9mm Ammunition Choices

Selecting the ammunition you’re trusting to perform should you even need to defend your life is an important decision. Because of that, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the many brands and s of jacketed hollow point (JHP) ammunition. Here is my attempt to simplify the process for selecting self defense JHP ammunition, and […]

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credit cards

The Battle Over Credit Card Tracking of Firearm Purchases Continues

A recent post published by the National Rifle Associations Institute for Legislative Action (NRA ILA) provided some updated information on the ongoing drama involving gun control activists’ attempts to use credit card companies to regulate the Second Amendment. Back in August, we reported how control groups and politicians were pressuring credit card companies to create […]

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